How to Best Maintain Commercial Carpet Floors

Commercial carpet is a way to make an office feel more like home for your employees and make a positive impression for visitors. Commercial carpet has the added benefits of noise reduction and as an air filter for small particles. Commercial carpet cleaning requires a different level of maintenance with a variety of cleaning options, such as, vacuuming, carpet cleaning with encapsulation, dry foam cleaning, and hot water extraction.


The Best Method to Maintain Carpet is by Vacuuming


The best and lowest cost method to maintain your investment in your carpet is regular vacuuming. Regular vacuuming removes the small particles that damage or cut the fibers that make up the carpet strands. Many particles are so small they are not noticeable to the eye. The small particles work their way deep into the carpet. The only method to remove these particles is to vacuum the carpet. If carpet is in a high traffic area, the carpet should be vacuumed daily to prevent damage.


Overview of Deep Cleaning Methods for Carpet


Encapsulation method: This process helps to keep the carpet looking great while requiring minimal time for the carpet to dry. This process allows employees to start walking on the carpet with minimum down time.

  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Encapsulant cleaner is sprayed on the carpet
  • Use a cleaning machine to work the product down into the carpet fibers
  • Air dry the cleaned areas
  • Vacuum a second time to remove any loose particles


Dry foam method: This method also works well for upholstery.

  • Vacuum the carpet
  • A solution of water and foam carpet detergent is applied to the carpet
  • The carpet is manually raked to agitate the carpet fibers
  • Air dry the cleaned area
  • Vacuum a second time to remove any crystallized soil and detergent


Hot water extraction method: Also known as steam cleaning, this process is effective for carpet in need of a deep, restorative clean.

  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Spray the area with a cleaning chemical as suggested by the commercial carpet manufacturer
  • Scrub the cleaning chemical in to permeate the soil. Give the solution 10-20 minutes to sit in, but don’t let the solution dry on the carpet.
  • Use hot water and alkaline detergent to separate and rinse the soil from the carpet.
  • Set up air movers to speed up the drying process, which will allow for foot traffic much quicker.


While cleaning commercial carpeting can be a more involved process, there are preventative measures that can help the carpet stay clean. A commercial cleaning company like Executive Image Building Services can complete all your carpet cleaning tasks, including regular maintenance programs to keep your carpet looking its best.

Tips to share with the businesses you work for:

Clean up spills immediately: Spills don’t have to become a stain if you act quickly. By gently blotting the surface liquid as soon as it spills, a cloth can absorb most of the liquid. Use the cloth to apply spot remover and work in from the outer edges of the spill. Remember to rinse the spot well after you apply cleaner.


Protective mats: mats installed at entrances/exits will absorb or catch dirt, oils and other liquids.

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