How to Best Maintain a Commercial Concrete Floor

A commercial concrete floor is one of the easiest surfaces to clean. Remember though, that concrete is a porous material and any water or liquid cleaner placed on the concrete should be thoroughly dried to avoid absorption into the floor – even if it’s sealed. Concrete floors are the easiest floors to slip on to cause falls and accidents. Wet surfaces can be a danger for employees.

If your business would like to keep a concrete floor looking new and clean, it is highly recommended to dust mop the surface daily. This keeps the dirt and dust particles (which act as abrasives) off the floor and, also preserves the shine and finish of the concrete.

When you wet mop the floor, make sure to use a clean mop and a neutral floor cleaner. Do not immediately mop up the cleaner after you apply it either. The chemicals need some time to start breaking down the grease and dirt particles.  This is commonly referred to as dwell time. It’s ideal to clean smaller areas at a time to ensure the cleaner chemical breaks up as much dirt as possible.  However, do not allow the chemical cleaner to dry on the surface of the floor.

Rinse the cleaner off the mop thoroughly, then dampen the mop in clean water.  Mop the cleaner off the floor with your damp mop. Then, set up an air mover (fan) to thoroughly dry the space to help prevent slips or falls. Wet floor signs are a must to warn others that the floors are wet and pose a hazard.

For continued maintenance, stripping the wax/sealer twice a year will prevent stains and spills from ever reaching the concrete. If the business chooses not to use sealant, please understand that stains and spills will be much harder to remove and may become a permanent part of the floor.

Here are tips for maintaining commercial concrete floor:

  • Backpack vacuuming is an alternative to dust-mopping the floor. Dust-mopping can push dust and debris to other areas instead of cleaning it up and adversely affect the cleaning employees and business workers by making particles airborne. Utilizing a backpack vacuum eliminates the smaller debris from the floor entirely.
  • Automatic floor scrubbers increase productivity significantly. Commercial cleaning companies like Executive Image own and use these machines. An automatic scrubber will apply the cleaning solution, scrub it in, wet vacuum it and leave the floor in an almost dry condition.
  • A sealant, epoxy, or finish can help you maintain the look and cleanliness of concrete floors. However, make sure to ask your cleaning company what type of specific care that sealant will need. Using the right cleaning chemicals on a regular basis will maintain the finish for a longer time period. Executive Image can replace the sealer once or twice a year to maintain the investment in the floor finish.

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