Commercial Cleaning in Indianapolis and the Role of Window Washers

Windows of large Indianapolis buildings have seen a decline over the years. Architects instead transformed buildings into a “high-rise hall of mirrors”. According to Mercury News however: “But through all the changes, window cleaners — who now scour entire glass buildings armed with only squeegees and buckets of soapy water — have rem
ained indispensable.” This is why windows washers play a key role in Indianapolis commercial cleaning efforts.

There’s not a building of any size that won’t require window washing at some point. Executive Image Building Services can provide your office with window washing on a regular basis or a one- time only cleaning. Executive Image has the skills, tools and equipment necessary to clean any size windows both inside and out.  We have the janitorial services in Indianapolis to take on single floor offices to multiple floor buildings.

Having clean windows can really make a difference to your office. From the outside, it gives an impression of cleanliness, while enhancing the mood and atmosphere of the inside. Clean windows means that more light is let in, allowing for a bright and vibrant setting to both employees and visitors.

If you have noticed that your office windows are starting to get dirty, then it’s probably time to have them cleaned. Professional services such as Executive Image knows what it takes to keep windows clear and free of dirt and debris, no matter the size of the building.


(Source: Window washing is a dirty business, but somebody’s got to do it, San Jose Mercury News, February 7, 2015)

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