Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Approach for Indianapolis Offices

Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Approach for Indianapolis Offices


Office sanitation is vital to the overall productivity of any business in Indianapolis. A clean office not only impresses visiting clients and employees, but also aids in lifting employee morale. A high quality perception of a clean office environment can contribute to a company’s bottom line profits. However, as most organizations are becoming involved in global environmental campaigns, the demand for eco-friendly commercial cleaning is also on the rise.


Prevention Is Better than Cure


Companies hire janitorial services to eliminate clutter and dirt left in their offices by daily operations. While this is usually the case, modern janitorial services are no longer confined to taking care of the office mess at the end of the work day. Modern janitorial service providers are starting to use techniques that can help prevent contaminants from getting into offices, such as placing dirt catching mats at key entry areas. This holistic approach not only improves the work spaces, but also make for less dust in work spaces.


Deep Cleaning


Traditionally, janitorial cleaning services only cover what can be seen by the naked eye. If a surface seems free from clutter, dust, or grime, the cleaner can safely assume that the standard of cleanliness has been met. Today’s modern janitorial services go beyond that. A lot of commercial cleaning companies, like Executive Image, now ensure that surfaces are not just free of visible contaminants, but also of harmful germs. To do this, they use disinfectants to ensure their cleaning tools and equipment are always as clean as possible.


Going Green with Agents


Regular office cleaning helps protect employees’ health. However, if the cleaning services involve the use of potent chemicals, chances are, cleaning may do more harm than good. This is why many commercial cleaning companies today use environmentally-friendly and safe cleaning agents. Not only will these products contribute to the protection of the environment but will also keep the office safe for a company’s employees.


Special Janitorial Training


A reputable janitorial service provider will not risk losing its clients’ trust by deploying an inexperienced team of cleaners. Neither will it simply hire janitors who have previous commercial cleaning experiences. Rather, the company will make sure that their employees are well-trained in specific techniques, and in the use of cleaning chemicals and equipment. The crew’s knowledge and skills must conform to the company’s standards.


If you are looking to hire professional cleaners, it helps to fully understand a provider’s experience, professionalism, and references. Always ask about the cleaning company’s methods and whether their staff is well trained. Chose a janitorial services company that goes beyond the traditional commercial cleaning approach. This way you can ensure the safety of your employees, while looking after your bottom line.





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