Expert Office Cleaning Services Protect Businesses from Hidden Dangers


Expert Office Cleaning Services Protect Businesses from Hidden Dangers


Your office is the central nervous system of your business in Indianapolis. To ensure the continuity of your operation, you have to eliminate anything that can slow down, or worse, interrupt your work. One of these is dirt. If left unattended, garbage and dust can cause issues with allergies, colds, and flu that will trickle down to your bottom line with lost productivity with staff.  While dirt can be anywhere in your office, there are areas where it collects and can impact your business the most, like desktops, key boards, and door handles.


Desk and Tables


It should not come as a surprise that desk and table tops are among the dirtiest surfaces in your office. After all, this is where you and your employees work and store your personal belongings. Chances are that trivial traces of dirt and germs you carried from the outside or from your body will be transferred on these surfaces, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Research shows that office desks and other personal objects contain 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.




Regardless of the type of floor your office has, it can collect enough dirt and germs that can change the atmosphere in your office, if not eliminated. There are many culprits to this contamination process but the one that deserves the most blame are your footwear. A person’s shoes harbor more bacteria than the toilet seat, and studies show that bacteria live longer in shoes than anywhere else. If you have a carpet floor, it is all the more crucial to get professional office cleaning services since carpets harbors dirt more than other floor types.




It is a common misconception that restrooms are the dirtiest rooms in any building given the examples above. It cannot be denied, however, these spaces are still among the dirtiest for obvious reasons. If you can’t keep your restroom clean by yourself, consider getting expert cleaning services from companies like Executive Image.


Benefits of a Clean Office


Hiring the professionals to clean your office will benefit you in many ways, some of which you will most likely not notice. A sanitary office that is free of bacteria will reduce the chances of illness for your employees. If employees’ health is secure, productivity is secure, too, and therefore more profit.


Cleanliness is also one of the things most clients look for when they enter your office to meet you. The last thing you want is a call from a client turning your proposal down due to their perception of how you maintain your office or building. If you want your business to flourish, especially in Indianapolis, invest in keeping a professional appearance by using regular office cleaning.





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