If your place of worship is in need of a fresh shine, service providers of commercial cleaning in Indianapolis with prior experience in church cleaning are your best bet.

Executive Image Indianapolis Making Places of Worship Shine

Places of worship carry a sense of regalia and elegance as people profess their faith; however, the visual impact can be further amplified with an effective professional cleaning program. Writing for the cleaning information website Sanitary Maintenance, Louie Davis Jr. noted that there are challenges each place of worship have to face head-on, but nothing that can’t be hurdled.

There are already dozens of places of worship within 20 miles of downtown Indianapolis. Needless to say, people who make devotions to faith a part of their daily lives want to do so in surroundings that are solemn yet beneficial to their health. If you are in charge of one such place that’s in need of a fresh shine and clean look, with prior experience in tidying up churches like Executive Image are your best bet.


Contract discussions with your preferred cleaning company must involve their staff’s service schedule. It has to be reconciled as well with any activities planned on your calendar. As Sundays are often the prime day of observance, you can expect that most maintenance or clean ups will be done every Friday or Monday, with lighter loads done on weekdays. Be prepared for weddings or special celebrations that might conflict with the cleaning schedule though.

Material Treatment

Every place of worship will carry either a traditional or modern design with associated materials to boot. The materials of the structure will help your preferred cleanup crew to plan accordingly. Interviewed for Davis’ article, a church facility director from Alabama said his place sported slate, wood, and rubber flooring, plus gloss vinyl composition and ceramic tiles. The cleaning plan eventually involved adopting acid cleaners for ceramic surfaces, and periodic recoats for vinyl tiles.

Tidied Carpets

The elegance that a place of worship carries can be seen on the carpet; some even sport full-floor carpeting, which may be essential for other activities. While their surfaces are engineered to withstand heavy traffic, signs of wear and tear may appear if not abated. A trusted cleaning company can come to the rescue with full-coverage carpet work.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” a popular adage goes, and people of faith deserve a quiet and immaculately clean place for their spiritual obligations. Let professional janitorial services in Indianapolis like Executive Image make it happen for you and your center.

(Source: Church Cleaning: A Higher Calling, Sanitary Maintenance)

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