Do You Need Help Finding Great Cleaning Employees?

If you want to grow your cleaning company and are always looking for stand-out employees but finding it challenging to get the right applicants, here are a few key things that may help improve your results.

Are you looking for more than employees who will just stick around?  Do you want those individuals who will provide superior service to your customers and will also work as a reliable team member. You need to hire exceptional people whenever possible and encourage a long-term commitment to the job.

Establish the Right Company Culture

Develop strong bonds. Make your company a place of respect and active listening. If your employees feel like their feedback is heard and implemented when possible, it can make a significant impact in workplace culture. Treating people well, especially in the early stages of employment, is proven to boost retention, and will definitely boost loyalty. As an owner you should be asking your staff what you can do to make their jobs better.


Value your Business Reputation

We all want a positive reputation with our customers but knowing how prospective employees regard your company is also essential. Your public persona directly and indirectly informs job seekers how they’ll be treated. Does your current staff speak of you with high regard and respect? Do social media channels and websites give the impression that your company offers a rewarding experience for its employees? Do you have an active employment referral program? Great employees want to work with other great employees.  This is a critical part of developing a good team of cleaning staff.


Seek Feedback and Conduct Interviews with Current Staff

We know it seems strange but interviewing existing employees who’ve made it through the long haul with you can be incredibly beneficial in the hiring process. Find out the reasons for their loyalty and what makes your company a great place to work.



Remember that Recognition goes beyond Money

While bonus checks are always welcome, recognition in the presence of peers, involvement in company parties and group activities, or even lunches with you and the rest of the team can make a crucial difference in keeping an employee actively interested in their work. Verbally recognizing good work is key. It’s easy to forget to do so on a consistent basis, but people relish real praise and often work harder because of it.


Demonstrate that you Provide a Future

Hire and promote from within when possible in order to spur motivation. Delegate responsibilities that help your team members grow and gain relevant skills. Encourage ownership over job duties to help aid your employees to think of themselves as problem solvers and relationship builders when they are at the worksite.


Place Value in “Little Things Matter”

Employees appreciate it when their boss provides the tools and resources to complete work efficiently.  Providing the right equipment and cleaning tools to the right staff is  incredibly beneficial to help the employee remain satisfied with their work. Learn from your employees what they need to complete their work, and then provide the resources whenever possible. Do not assume that you, as an owner, know what employees need. Front line workers know best about the work at hand.

These steps will ensure a solid team to bolster the success of your cleaning service, like Executive Image Building Services, watch your business grow from these practices.

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