Office Cleaning Services: Nipping Potential Health Threats in the Bud

Office Cleaning Services: Nipping Potential Health Threats in the Bud

Some health threats in a commercial office may be hiding in plain sight and may affect your employees’ well-being in the long run. Eliminating such hazards can be done if you have a special professional cleaning solution in place. Writing for Health Day, Chris Woolston said that keeping the work environment clean can prevent untold costs in lost productivity.

The danger of lost productivity due to poor environmental conditions in the workplace does give business operators in Indianapolis and other places much to think about. The city has a highly conducive business climate for recognized firms and startups, and a poorly maintained business building or establishment can even result in losing clients/customers. When you need to keep the place in pristine condition and your workers’ health at top level, office cleaning services provided by companies such as Executive Image can prove invaluable.

Looking over your company’s workplace can help identify which areas pose significant health risks. The pantry, for example, carries its own dangers such as spilt food or even untended garbage cans that overflow. In addition, Woolston writes that dirty office pantries can become a breeding ground for cockroaches, and the droppings of these pests can trigger respiratory symptoms.

A professional cleaning crew can regularly tidy up the room with environmentally safe substances, but it should also be stressed that there must be adequate ventilation. To this end, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system needs to be fully functional.

Carpets also pose certain health threats. Frequent debris on the floor tend to sink deeper into the fibers and make it harder to extract without damaging the carpet structure itself; spilt drinks may even trigger mold buildup. The health threat is at an even greater degree in the case of fully carpeted offices with heavy foot traffic. A preferred office cleaning specialist may be tasked to work on disinfecting the carpets and restoring their original sheen.

A spotlessly clean office exudes an air of professionalism that definitely has a positive effect on employees and customers/clients alike. Letting a professional cleaning crew do the work will ensure that your workplace is always cleaned thoroughly and promptly. Hire an Indianapolis office cleaning team, like Executive Image today.


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