Orderly and Spotless: Commercial Cleaning Program for a Warehouse

Orderly and Spotless: Commercial Cleaning Program for a Warehouse

Many manufacturing facilities will have their own warehouses to stock inventories prior to shipping. In fact, stepping into a warehouse could leave you amazed by the sheer size of the facility. People don’t realize that while properly storing and protecting the items against the elements are vital, the environment they’re in should be kept in top shape as well.

The position of the city of Indianapolis as a manufacturing hub in the Midwest makes it a good place to have a warehouse within the same complex, or self-contained buildings that double as self-storage facilities. When your own warehouse requires thorough cleaning to better protect the goods stored inside it and to convey a sense of order on the floor, entrust the task to a team of skilled commercial cleaning professionals from companies like Executive Image.

Planning the Schedule

A vital element of any warehouse cleaning program is to map out the schedule of cleaning operations for the place, whether it is weekly, monthly, or on a custom periodic schedule. This will rely on evaluations of the floor and the types of items put on inventory, wherein some may or may not follow special handling or storage protocols. If the space is too much to cover, consider planning a sectional cleaning. Arrange for documentation with the cleaning team to document that the work was carried out after every session.


Warehouses are often prone to various hazards to personnel working their various shifts. The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses pins these down chiefly to patches of grease or water, which can increase the danger of slip-and-fall accidents. At the same time, another sign of bad housekeeping includes discarded pallets or shrink wrap, which you can request your cleaning team to throw out.

No Equipment in the Way

A warehouse cleaning job requires a big enough space as possible for the crew to work on and this means leaving all heavy equipment out of the way. Some logistics experts suggest that a forklift can be used to temporarily transfer all pallets out of an area marked for cleaning, and just put them back in place when everything is already neat and organized.

A clean warehouse will inspire confidence in a manufacturing company’s output and logistical abilities. Why not make it happen by working with an established provider of janitorial services today?


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