Are you interested in investing in a Commerical Cleaning Franchise?

See below for helpful tips for your research

A huge benefit of buying a commercial cleaning franchise is that you will have a team to guide you through the process of business ownership where you will build a strong base of customers.  As you build relationships with customers, they will begin to utilize more and more of your services.  To compare commercial cleaning franchise companies, you will need to compare different operational advantages and strengths each has by way of its systems, training, and business relationships. Consider the points below as you research companies like Executive Image Building Services.

  1. Business Opportunity
  • Is there a stable and growing market for the services the franchise company is offering?
  • Does the business provide a needed service that customers want or need to outsource?
  • Does the franchise company have the experience and resources to help you grow a business?


  1. Financial Performance
  • Does the franchise company have a financial performance statement in their franchise disclosure document?
  • Do the sales numbers show stable ongoing revenue numbers? Is the franchise purchase a lower investment model with higher revenue potential?


  1. Company Foundation & Support
  • Do your values align with those of the franchise company?
  • Do you have a good understanding of the current management team at the franchisor level?
  • Are you comfortable with a long-term relationship(s) with the people who will be training and supporting you?


  1. Differentiator
  • Are you passionate about the business model? Does the business offer a lifestyle where you can see yourself for many years?
  • Does the commercial cleaning franchise company bring something different to the industry?
  • Is there something that distinguishes this brand from the rest of its competition?


  1. Franchise System & Model
  • Can you validate your decision process by reaching out to other franchise owners?
  • Will the franchise company have an ongoing commitment to your success and effort?
  • Does the upper management of the franchise company have a long-term commitment to their brand?

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