Six Quick Tips Before Hiring a Cleaning Service

Choose a Cleaning Company with Experience

Well established cleaning companies have a long history of taking care of customers and are most likely to service your needs in the best professional manner. Established companies have experience and employ skilled workers who know how to complete tasks properly.

Choose an Insured and Bonded Cleaning Company

Hiring a properly insured and bonded cleaning company is crucial. An insured cleaning company ensures that your business is protected from theft, damage, and liability, resulting from mistakes and accidents caused by that cleaning company’s employees.

Hiring a cleaning company like Executive Image which is bonded and insured protects you against any headaches that could inadvertently occur. Insurance will help cover the costs in case of a serious claim or if anything should go wrong.

Hiring a professional cleaning company also means that their cleaning staff has passed background checks. By hiring a cleaning crew that is bonded and insured, you get peace of mind.

Ask about a Variety of Services

The cost of cleaning services depends largely on the services offered. Before you hire a cleaning company, ask for a detailed account of services they offer.

Your medical clinic might require more than the basic cleaning services. Ask about carpet cleaning, windows, hard floor surfaces, disinfecting and outside spaces.

A good estimate and consultation should include this information. If not, ask about it. These extras could add significantly to your ongoing costs. It is best to know costs for these extra areas before you sign an agreement.

You want to know ahead of time what services you are going to get, and how much it will cost for additional services that you need done less frequently.

Check if the Company has a Credible Reputation

Always research any company before entering into a service agreement with them. When you are asking for quotes also ask for references.

Here are some questions you can ask when you speak to the provided references:

How satisfied are you with the cleaning company?
How promptly do they respond to needs or complaints?
How long have they used this cleaning company?
How consistent and reliable is their customer service?

Look online for both positive and negative reviews of the company. Also, consider the number of years they have been in business.

Does the Scheduling meet your Needs?

A good cleaning company will work with you to establish the best days and time to perform their work. This may be outside of business hours to avoid disrupting your staff and clients.

Make sure that the schedule is agreed upon and part of the agreement before you sign.

Does the Company Provide their own Equipment and Supplies?

Most cleaning service agreements typically include that equipment and cleaning supplies are provided by the cleaning company.

Make sure to learn what products and equipment your cleaning company provides. Specialty cleaning products meant for industrial and commercial cleaning should be used to ensure consistency.

Vacuums, for example, vary in ability to do deep cleaning and spot cleaning.  Commercial vacuums will provide much better results in the removal of dirt and dust from buildings.

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