If you want your office to be immaculate, but do not want to use in-house maintenance, you can rely on Executive Image’s services.

Executive Image Cleaning Services Help Ensure Efficiency

Executive Image Helps Ensure Efficiency in your Office
Every office needs to be spotless to better present a professional atmosphere to visitors and employees alike. Executive Image can do that and more. Services Magazine contributor Roger McFadden says cleaning up the workplace with environmentally-safe products underlines a deeper responsibility. Mr. McFadden’s comments are relevant to big and small companies everywhere. Executive Image can accommodate customers with environmentally friendly cleaning products, providing you with an exceptionally clean building and
within a reasonable budget.

Defining a Customized Program and Schedule
Executive Image works closely with our customers to understand the scope of your office cleaning needs. We listen to our customers and can provide solutions for the cleaning challenges of your office building. Executive Image understands customer satisfaction is key to a positive working relationship between our company and our customers. We accommodate your schedule to find the times of the day and week that best meet your needs.

Green Cleaning and Healthy Living
Some cleaning products in the past have received a poor reputation for having potent and harmful chemicals. Executive Image can provide customers with eco-friendly products upon request to ensure safety for your employees and visitors.

The Window View
Windows will always be integral to any office environment, especially for people craving natural light and a view of the outside. Executive Image can provide window cleaning to help your office gain a bright and clean view. We pay attention to the details of your needs and will furnish you with clean and bright windows.
A well-maintained office environment works wonders for your business and reputation. Executive Image can provide you with cleaning services to create a pristine office while working within your schedule and budget.
(Source: Developing a Successful Sustainable Cleaning Program: Strategies for Creating an Eco-Conscious Organization, Services Magazine)

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