Why Delegating Cleaning Services is helpful for Business Owners

As a business owner, you likely started off your business enterprise wearing many hats. You knew that if you were going to get your company up and running, you were the one who had to put in the hours in order to stay on top of everything. Now that you’ve reached that goal and have a steady business income, you realize that it’s becoming more challenging to stay personally involved in all aspects of your business.

Well then, it’s time to learn to delegate some tasks. One such important task to outsource is commercial cleaning.

*Why Delegating Cleaning Services is helpful for Business Owners

If you’ve become accustomed to doing things for your business on your own, it can be difficult to delegate to others. You may feel as though no one else will be able to keep your business looking as clean as you can. You may also have concerns that if you turn over control of the cleaning process to someone else that necessary tasks won’t get done. You may feel that at least you can hold yourself accountable if you’re the person in charge. The other side of the coin to this type of thinking is that by “not” outsourcing you could be losing other, perhaps more important business opportunities.

*How to Learn to “Let Go” and Delegate

When you allow yourself to let go of some routine tasks and hire a professional services company like Executive Image to assume cleaning responsibilities, you will be able to get more work done in less time. Your employees will not be spending time cleaning up the office whether that time is assigned to one employee or shared among employees. They will feel more comfortable about their work environment and be more productive in the role you hired them to perform.

  1. Evaluate the skills and experience of cleaning companies

Cleaning companies are not equally skilled at doing all the tasks necessary to keep a business environment clean. Some cleaning companies may be better than others for your specific needs. One may have more experienced staff, another may use green cleaning processes, while yet others may or may not have the required insurance to safely protect your property and employees.

  1. Decide on the types of cleaning tasks you can outsource

Routine tasks, such as daily cleaning, vacuuming, or removing trash can be outsourced easily. Working around difficult schedules or planning around many events or schedule changes makes it more challenging when trying to find the right fit for your business. If purchasing consumables is important for you to outsource, especially if deliveries and timing to restock key items is critical, sourcing the right cleaning company can save the business owner from spending valuable time shopping for the office needs.

  1. When delegating a floor care service or project, choose a specific company

Floor care can be a very demanding task for business owners. You should select a cleaning company that has the right experience for your needs, has reliable equipment suitable for the job, and has a proven track record. After you have made your selection you should then work with them directly to address all your needs. Be mindful that a company whose focus is of daily cleaning may or may not have the skills and equipment to get the floor work completed correctly the first time.

  1. Be Clear in your Cleaning Specifications, Instructions, and Scope of Work

Any cleaning company you select to complete tasks or projects need to know exactly what they are expected to do. Ask your cleaning company to provide you with specific instructions on the areas to clean and the work tasks to be completed. You should select a cleaning company that can complete the work from start-to-finish and can make recommendations on services that may benefit your business. Request that your cleaning specifications be placed in writing and reviewed from time to time to ensure your needs are being met. It is important that both you and your cleaning company are looking at and reviewing tasks the same way.

  1. Check in on Progress and communicate your needs

You may not perform cleaning tasks in exactly the same manner as your cleaning company. Professional cleaning companies may use commercial equipment and products that allow them to complete tasks in a more efficient manner. Providing the work is completed safely and meets all legal requirements for your business, don’t get caught up in how long a task may take, but instead focus on the final results of cleanliness and compliance. Discuss with your cleaning company how long they expect their cleaning employees to be in your facility to perform the required cleaning responsibilities, most notably the number of cleaning employees and the amount of time for each task.

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