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Our business is being built on a reputation of customer satisfaction. We understand the quality of cleanliness for a business. Cleaning from floor to ceiling, we offer the highest quality of service. Executive Image performs to your complete satisfaction, regular mowing, weeding, mulching, pressure washing, trash removal and parking lot cleaning.
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services updated their cover photo.
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services updated their cover photo.
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Recognized as a 2021 Top Franchises for Less Than $50,000 by Entrepreneur Magazine

Executive Image Building Services has been named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2021 Franchise 500 ranking as a top franchise for less than fifty thousand dollars. Entrepreneur Magazine is a comprehensive analysis that looked at more than 150 data points in the areas of costs and fees, size and growth, franchisee support, brand strength, and financial strength.

Blake Clements, CEO of Executive Image said “Typically, franchises can be large investments, but at Executive Image we enable smaller businesses and solo operators to capitalize on the power of our brand. Branded services are very effective at marketing value to potential customers”.

The goal at Executive Image is to develop trust and respect with all our customers and empower franchise owners to be successful entrepreneurs. We envision a future of strong growth within the industry and work to empower franchise owners to earn growing revenue from the variety of service offerings we provide to customers.

Investing in the right franchise can instantly provide training, motivation, and customers. Aligning yourself with a franchise the shares you value and mission is equally, if not more important. Prospective customers who share similar values will then gravitate toward a similar service provider. This is often the first step to establishing real trust in a brand.

As a full-service franchise company like Executive Image, provides ongoing consulting and marketing for franchise owners. We work closely with each owner to customize a practical and affordable solution to get a business up and running quickly. Each franchisee has support to develop goals for your franchise business and turn those goals into measurable objectives. Marketing is more of a game plan to move each owner steadily to accomplishing objectives and shifting course as whenever necessary. The mission is to help franchise owners maximize their revenue streams and while generating repeat customer business.
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
Understanding Self-Destructive Behaviors

Self-destructive behaviors occur when the logical side of your subconscious mind (the side of you that says you need to eat right and save your money) is at odds with the other part of your emotional subconscious mind (the side that says that when you are stressed to eat chocolate donuts or purchase a new model flashy car which may bring temporary happiness). The emotional subconscious mind is sometimes the critical inner voice that holds you back and sabotages your efforts.

Self-destructive behaviors involve behaviors or thoughts that keep you away from what you desire most in life. It is that internal thought gnawing at you, saying “you can’t do this.” or “you’re not good enough”.

This is really your logical subconscious trying to protect you, prevent pain, and deal with deep-seated fear. But the result of self-destructive behaviors is that we often hesitate instead of seizing new opportunities. In the end, we know we missed out, but we do not always understand why. Sometimes it is easier to blame others than take responsibility for our own actions.

So, what can we do to stop the self-destructive behaviors?

Below are steps you can start taking immediately to stop self-destructive behaviors and achieve more success in your life and business.

The first step is to seek to understand your behaviors
Many of us are engaged in self-destructive behaviors that have become routine habits. We allow these behaviors to interfere with personal growth and happiness. In most cases, individuals do not openly recognize what or why they are doing certain bad habits. Self-sabotage is when we do something that gets in the way of our intent, or bigger dreams and goals. We want something, but somehow, we never accomplish it. Why? Because somewhere deep in our subconscious we are fighting against that goal in many cases because of fear of failure.

Your subconscious may see self-destruction behaviors as self-preservation and maintaining the status quo. It is a way to safeguard and protect oneself. Some of our self-destructive behaviors are very subtle and easily not recognized. In many cases, we fail to recognize how our actions are hurting ourselves, and many times, the ones we care about the most.

Much of the time, we are overthinking our decisions, leaving us paralyzed with inaction. We do not realize that our reactions to problem situations end up causing bigger problems down the road because of a lack of action.

Recognize your self-destructive habits

The first step to breaking the cycle of self-sabotage is becoming aware of these behaviors. Try looking at your behaviors as an outsider. Ask the question: “What self-destructive patterns and mindsets are holding you back?”

Here are common self-sabotage habits to be aware of:

• Procrastination: Instead of tackling an important project in a timely manner, you allow yourself to dawdle to the last minute. It is hard to shine when you do not give yourself time to fix mistakes or do a thorough job. It is helpful to start setting deadlines and mini deadlines to work toward your objective.

• Negative self-talk/negative thinking: Your inner sub conscious is constantly critical. Are you beating yourself up for past mistakes? Are you thinking you are not good enough? Be both patient and kind to yourself. Work to build up your confidence by gaining more experience.

• Perfectionism: You tell yourself you cannot act until the right time, or believe you need to perfect your skills before you move forward. These are forms of self-doubt. Perfection is an impossible standard that keeps many from moving forward.
Identify the root cause (the bottom-line issue)
Many of us develop unhealthy ways of coping with stress and uncomfortable situations. We repeatedly drop the ball on commitments, fail to take adequate care of ourselves, or we take our relationships for granted. We allow ourselves to react adversely to situations. But sometimes these things are so subtle that we cannot see how self-sabotage is at the root of many of our problems.

Often, self-destructive habits are embedded into our own feelings of self-worth. You do not feel like you deserve to be successful. You are plagued with feelings of inadequacy, even when you are trying to overcompensate by setting high goals for yourself. Some may even use self-sabotage as a twisted form of controlling their own fate.

It is better to be in control of your failure than having unknown circumstances or bad luck blindside you. Work on identifying and acknowledging what is causing you to sabotage yourself, and then start adjusting stop those destructive behaviors.

Schedule time for self-reflection

It takes serious self-reflection to understand why you keep shooting yourself in the foot in the first place. Taking the time to peel back the layer of issues can lead to a deeper awareness, as well as providing you with insights into yourself and your underlying motivations and desires.

The most successful people are those who take the time to think through their decisions and actions. Successful people learn from their successes and failures. They then adjust their course of action by taking a different approach. Only through self-reflection will you gain the necessary insight, perspective and understanding to begin the process of change and transformation.

Avoid fear

Fear of failure is often at the root of what holds us back. We start to worry that we do not deserve happiness, are not tough enough or simply do not have it in us. It is time to put aside those harsh inner voices of "I can’t" or "I’m a failure."

That negative internal dialogue is a pattern of self-limiting thoughts. Start replacing that critical inner voice with positive, encouraging thoughts.

Once you start seeing the areas and ways in which you are limiting yourself, you can start effectively countering that behavior. You can choose to not engage in self-sabotaging behavior. You can start building positive behavior and create an affirmative, confident voice to guide you.

Start with one change

Changing our negative behaviors is a fundamental step if we are to limit our self-destructive behavior. In every moment, we are taking action that either moves us toward or away from the person we want to be and the life we want to have. The behaviors you keep permitting yourself to do are the ones that are keeping you from what you most desire.

Consider how the actions you are taking and the thoughts you are thinking conflict with your happiness and hold you back from your true potential. Then look for ways to replace old patterns with new ones that are more helpful in achieving your goals.

At first, we may need to learn to change our behavior by avoiding certain situations such as negative people or challenging circumstances that cause us to react in negative ways. If there is a stressful situation that triggers you to react in a negative way, look for ways to bypass or deflect while you learn better methods of handling the situation.

Strive for small and meaningful changes

Once you identify the changes you want to make in your life or business, choose one thing that you want to change. Start small, do not overreach, do not try to make a change that is unrealistic or unattainable. Big changes are difficult and hard to achieve sometimes. A big change can cause you to easily give up your goal and become disillusioned. Begin by making small, meaningful changes. This method will allow you build slowly and can create larger changes in your life or business.

If you realize you are limiting your success by constantly missing appointments, are fearful of whether you can manage taking on a large customer, not following through with customer leads or simply being disorganized, take a step back and look for one small, meaningful change that you can make to set you up for future success. Small successes over time build confidence faster than one giant goal. Confidence is the key to knowing you are going the right direction in changing your habits. Also, accountability is key to motivation. Sharing your goals with a confidant provides a level of support, better to let a trusted friend or loved help you to achieve your goals.
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
How to Grow Your Business in Today’s Digital World


Establishing a strong social media presence is a common goal for any business. The need to grow using social media becomes more important daily in today’s world.

Simple steps for a beginning entrepreneur are to publish a relevant blog that will have value to readers. A blog is the best low-cost method to engage and nurture an online following. Also, consider leveraging the power of search engine optimization (SEO). Building and maintaining an up-to-date and functional website is needed to build your brand and create customer interest. Consider creating a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free download, eBook, PDF, or other type of incentive that allows you to capture your reader’s email address and/or contact information. Building an email list offers you direct access to your core audience and better reach potential customers to use your services.


Business owners who deliver on their service and keep promises have long been highly valued by customers. Business owners can charge more money for their services because they are offering real value compared to many competitors. Keeping the agreed work schedule with a customer, charging a fair price for your service, and following up in a timely manner regarding concerns or complaints is key to satisfying customers. These practices help you to stand out from your competitors, but more importantly build long term customer loyalty.


The best measurement or metric for monetizing time and money spent on digital content is whether it can reduce customer acquisition costs. The benefits of online marketing efforts, such as a productive website, blog, or other online advertising is that you can reach a wide audience with relatively little financial investment. This is the most cost-effective way to grow your business compared to standard paid advertising methods.

Your digital content’s purpose is to tell a story about your service, help place your service in its best light, tell customers how they will benefit from using your service, and get testimonials from current customers who are using and benefiting from your business. Customer testimonials can be the very best marketing you can utilize to acquire new customers. This kind of story telling can be the lowest cost way to acquire new customers and demonstrate your integrity to others.

By Ray Jackson
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
How to Best Take Care of Customers

Make sure whoever is selling your service understands the customer’s needs.

Many business owners, particularly those in startup mode, have limited resources. Thus, entrepreneurs must wear several hats at the same time. Take into consideration that your customers are highly likely multitaskers wearing many hats as well.

Let us say you are selling a building service, or solving a cleaning concern, it is important to ask yourself a question. Are you speaking to a customer that has expertise in building services or are they filling in the role as best they are able? In other words, this may be a new person assigned to take care of a building and this could be a new role for that customer. Knowing if the customer is experienced or asking questions because they are new to the role of building maintenance will help you to know nuances. That knowledge that can make all the difference for a customer to feel understood.

The same goes for your sales team. If you are working through understanding your customer needs, salespeople should view themselves as trusted advisors to the customers and work toward having a longstanding relationship that translates to understanding the customer’s whole business, not just their cleaning requirements. Leverage your relationships with customers whenever possible.

Recognize that it is never too early to incorporate customer feedback into your every effort.

When my co-founder and I started Executive Image Building Services, we were in the early stage of launching our company and many potential customers were right there with us to help one another. We were speaking with the end users of our service and at the same time we were trying to get our financial footing. Before we had even begun to send customer proposals, we were asking potential customers who would be using our services their opinions.

Your customers’ opinions are more important than your own when it comes to shaping the offerings of your service. Engage customers from day one and make their perspectives a part of the founding principles of your business.

Observe how customers engage with your service and then adapt your direction around what the customers believes will best solve their problems and learn what they care most about.

This kind of ground-floor assessment will not only ensure your business starts down the right path, but it will get you accustomed to absorbing that kind of valuable advice from your most important resource, your customers. This process that will serve you very well over time.

Use your customer base as an asset when hiring your team.
When you are training sales staff, who else can guide you better than the customers who you be will targeting? If you are looking for the best salesperson that will be charged with responsibility of attracting new customers for your business, investigate people who were selling to a similar target market in past positions. Those former customers are the first references you will call. Learn what these hiring prospects did right and what they did wrong, then decide if that salesperson will be a good fit for your organization. Your future customers will appreciate the early effort to consider their perspectives when they are dealing with your well-qualified sales staff in the future.

Understand there is no detail too small for your attention.
As a business owner, you will find yourself getting pulled in many different directions throughout the day, and there are certain areas in which it is crucial to delegate responsibility and tasks. However, establishing the proper company culture when it comes to customer experience is an initiative you can never afford to neglect or remind yourself.

I attended a customer meeting once and at the start of the meeting I noticed that rather than personally greeting our contact person, the sales staff slid the cards across a desk. This lack of direct contact gave the impression of a lack of personal touch. Details like this matter: they are an extension of your brand, and your brand’s reputation is what keeps customers happy and secure in their working relationship with your brand. Do not hesitate to point out when you see an employee actions take place that could impact your customers’ perception of your company and brand.

In addition, it is not uncommon for the business owner to get personally involved in a customer situation to ensure proper care, especially handling a concern. Your customers will remember this high touch level of service for years in the future.

Never skimp on training new team members.

Your front-line team members will only get one chance to make a first impression with a customer. If you let them begin a customer interaction unprepared, lacking the correct supplies or a clear understanding of the tasks to complete, you are doing your company a disservice. New employees should shadow existing employees for as long as it takes to be sure they are ready to properly represent your brand, your processes, and your values.
During a customer meeting the first sixty seconds of the meeting, customers will figure out if you are a credible business person. Put the time in from during an employee’s first days on the job to make sure he or she can navigate that initial introduction in a way that will only increase your customer’s confidence in your business and your service.

While you as the founder and leader will always control the direction of your business, it is critical to recognize from the start that you are only the conduit for the direction chosen by your target customers. The sooner you can prioritize your customer’s point of view and create services and experiences that meet their needs, the more successful you will become.

By Ray Jackson