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Our business is being built on a reputation of customer satisfaction. We understand the quality of cleanliness for a business. Cleaning from floor to ceiling, we offer the highest quality of service. Executive Image performs to your complete satisfaction, regular mowing, weeding, mulching, pressure washing, trash removal and parking lot cleaning.
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
January 7, 2021

Executive Image Building Services
Named a 2021 Top Franchise by Franchise Business Review

Independent Survey Shows Franchise Owners Are Highly Satisfied with Executive Image Building Services' Performance

Greenwood, Indiana – Executive Image Building Services was recently named a Top Franchise for 2021 by Franchise Business Review. This is the 16th annual ranking of the 200 best franchise opportunities as rated by franchise business owners. The list is available at https://franchisebusinessreview.com/page/top-franchises/.

Executive Image offers commercial cleaning, janitorial, grounds keeping, construction cleaning, floor care, and other related building services. Founded by Blake Clements, our CEO, our company is committed to helping commercial property owners take better care of their buildings. Our team of cleaning professionals is highly experienced, and we have the tools to properly get any cleaning or maintenance job right. We provide professional screening for our staff.

Our company offers an inclusive selection of building maintenance services so that our clients can rely on us for just about any cleaning or landscaping issue. We want to get our maintenance jobs done in the most efficient ways possible, so we use the best possible building management products to supplement our services. Moreover, we accept requests for full green cleaning. This way, we do our part in sustainable business practices.
Executive Image does not take a catch-all approach to cleaning. Instead, our services adapt to our clients’ specific concerns. This allows our clients to receive the most pertinent services for their buildings without being charged for impractical procedures that they will not need.

Our building, cleaning, and maintenance services are available to clients in Indiana, particularly those within the areas of Indianapolis, Greenwood, Avon, Brownsburg, Danville, Zionsville, Greenfield, Carmel, Fishers, Speedway, Plainfield, Noblesville, Westfield, Lawrence, and more.

Franchise Business Review, a franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction, provides the only rankings and awards for franchise companies based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Franchise Business Review publishes its rankings of the top 200 franchises in its annual Guide to Today’s Top Franchises.

Executive Image Building Services was among over 300 franchise brands, representing more than 28,000 franchise owners, that participated in Franchise Business Review’s research.

Executive Image Building Services franchisees were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including training & support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunity.

Executive Image Building Services survey data showed the following:

Franchise Business Review survey results listed Executive Image Building Services in the 200 Top Franchise list.

“There are thousands of successful franchise companies operating in North America, but many of those companies do not offer a solid investment opportunity for the actual franchise owners,” said Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review. “As an independent research firm, we rate the franchise companies in the marketplace today and identify those with the highest levels of satisfaction and performance among their franchisees in order to educate potential buyers and help them choose which franchise to invest in. The companies on this year’s list are the top performing brands in the key areas critical to their franchisees’ success.”

“We attribute our success to having a network of dedicated and passionate business owners who deliver a consistent high level of service to our loyal customer base.” - Blake Clements

Visit FranchiseBusinessReview.com to see the full description of the 2021 Top Franchises.

Executive Image offers commercial cleaning, janitorial, grounds keeping, construction cleaning, floor care, and other related building services. Founded by Blake Clements, our CEO, our company is committed to helping commercial property owners take better care of their buildings. Our team of cleaning professionals is highly experienced, and we have the tools to properly get any cleaning or maintenance job right. We provide professional screening for our staff.

About Franchise Business Review

Franchise Business Review (FBR) is a leading market research firm serving the franchise sector. FBR measures the satisfaction and engagement of franchisees and publishes various guides and reports for entrepreneurs considering an investment in a franchise business. Since 2005, FBR has surveyed hundreds of thousands of franchise owners and over 1,100 leading franchise companies. FBR publishes free and unbiased franchisee satisfaction research reports throughout the year online at http://www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com. To read our publications, visit https://franchisebusinessreview.com/page/publications/.

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Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
Tips to Getting a Startup Business Loan

Regardless of what type of startup funding you decide to pursue, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of getting financing. Taking the time to prepare a well written business plan, improving your credit score, and saving money to invest in your business can improve your chances of being approved. Additionally, it is important to begin building your customer base to grow your income potential for lenders. Lenders and investors want to see a business with happy customers that use more and more of your services.

Prepare a Solid Business Plan

No matter which option you choose to fund your startup, a solid business plan is important road map for future success. Potential lenders and investors are going to want to see that you have a well-developed plan established to operate your business successfully. They will want to make sure the financial projections are realistic and show the ability of the business to repay a loan and continue to have funds available to operate your business. Being part of a solid brand like Executive Image Building Services will help make lenders more comfortable.

Improve Your Personal Credit Score

A loan for a startup business will likely require you to have a strong personal credit score. The lender will not be able to use business history or credit to determine the potential success of the business. Instead, they will look at your personal credit history and what personal assets you have that can be used as collateral.

Save Your Own Capital

When applying for small business financing, most lenders are going to expect you to contribute anywhere from ten to thirty percent of the project costs associated with the loan you are getting. Lenders want to know you have a vested interest in the business and that you are going to do everything you can to make it successful.

Build Your Customer Base

Whether you are seeking funding to get your business started, or already have a startup business, building your customer base can help prove the viability of your business to potential funders. New businesses that can show a growing customer base and rising revenues will be more appealing to lenders than businesses that are not growing.

Create Financial Projections

It can take some time to obtain the financing you need for your new business. Whether your financial projections are part of your business plan, or a separate document provided to potential lenders, it is important to keep them updated. A lender or investor is going to want to see a clear financial picture based on your most recent business financials. A bookkeeper or accountant can help you prepare professional projections.
How do I get a startup business loan?

Getting a startup loan from a traditional bank is often difficult because most banks require that your business has been operational for at least two years. If you want to use a traditional bank, a HELOC is an option if you have good credit and equity. Alternatives to bank financing include crowdfunding and SBA microloans.

Do you need a loan to start a business?

You do not necessarily need to rely on loans to start a business. Many new small businesses use their own resources before getting a startup loan. Friends, family, savings, including short term credit card loans help start many small businesses.

Are there free government grants as funding for business startup?
Government grants are free. Small businesses might be eligible for government grants. It is worth checking out if there are any grants that align with your business type when considering your startup funding options.

Obstacles in getting a loan should not stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Finding financing when you are starting a business can be difficult, but there are several financing options available for small businesses. Your individual business financing needs will determine which option is best for you.

By Ray Jackson
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
Setting Up Your Home Office

Working from home offers many advantages, including the flexibility of setting your own schedule, saving time and money by eliminating your daily commute, and to keep you healthy by social distancing from other coworkers. To be most efficient, there are key areas to think about while establishing a home office. Separating your personal life and business life should be a goal of setting up any home office. Many people with a home office sometimes work more hours than they would in the normal forty-hour week job.

Determine your needs

Do you have a need for a large desk to spread out your paperwork?

Do you need computer blue light filter because you spend all day in front of a computer monitor?

Does your employer require you use specific equipment to complete your work?

Create a list of what items are must-haves and what would be nice to have.

Choose a dedicated space within your home

Ideally, your office should be in a quiet area that allows you some privacy. This is especially important if you share the house with a spouse, children, and pets.

You might find that a spare room with a door can reduce noise from the rest of the house if you will be on the phone frequently. It could make sense to choose a room near the front entrance of the house if you will be meeting with clients in your home office. You might need a dedicated studio that is separate from the rest of your home if you need space to spread out design or tech equipment. A locking door can save you embarrassment of unexpected guests during a webcam meeting.

Consider your furniture and lighting needs

Set up your home office so it has plenty of light, natural light from windows is always best, but may not be possible if using a basement. Natural light from windows and exposure to daylight can have positive impact on your physical and emotional well-being.

Working in a space with natural light can reduce headaches and eyestrain, allowing you to be more productive on a day-to-day basis and healthier in the long term. Ergonomics plays a role in maintaining a comfortable workspace, a desk, chair, and monitor at the proper heights and positions helps you to work a stress-free day.

Plants can make you more productive

A plant or two in your workspace as an added touch can improve your well-being. Natural plants can increase your productivity and make you happier while you work.

A dedicated phone can help with time management

Sharing a phone line between your home and business can be costly in many ways. A shared voicemail can sound unprofessional or confuse clients who expect a message specific to your customers and vendors. If you use the same landline for your home and work, you risk having a child or other family member answer the phone taking a message that hopefully gets to you in time.

Having a dedicated phone for your home office, whether a cell phone or a VoIP internet-based phone line can allow you to separate your work and personal life.

Controlling your smartphone:

It is easy to become distracted while working in your home office, this is especially true if you keep your personal phone within your office space.

It has been proven that having your personal phone accessible reduces productivity, especially if they are already prone to overusing a phone. This is the case even if your phone is on silent mode, phone chirping, binging, or vibrating can easily cause distraction.

You probably can't afford those wasted hours if you're self-employed, so you might occasionally need to use your devices for work, but your home office will be a more productive space if you have a dedicated spot where you store your smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets when they're not in use.

Separate the professional from the personal

Keep your personal life from spilling over into your business life—similar to establishing a separate bank account for personal expenses and business expenses.

Store personal checks, mail, client records, and financial records in a dedicated spot in your office, rather than with personal documents. Trying to mix personal records and business files can become confusing. This also means having a television in your home office can be a conflict between being productive at work and enjoying your favorite show or movie. Keeping your eye on your kids as they watch TV, even though you may have a good intention to provide work-home work balance, can be very distracting and affect the quality of your work. Your children may feel you are not paying proper attention to their needs.

Have a Way to Keep Time

Stay productive if you get up and move around a bit throughout the day within your space. Brief mental break periods break up the workday and can improve your focus. It is very easy to forget about time when you are working from home. Before you know it, you have worked a twelve-hour workday and not even realize how much time has passed. Keeping a clock on the wall or desk that is highly visible helps to keep you in stride with time.

Tracking time will encourage you to break up your workday effectively, and it will help you maintain a normal and healthy work life balance. Working with a company like Executive Image Building Services allows a business owner to keep costs low by starting your business from a home office environment.

By Ray Jackson
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
Becoming Your Own Boss

There are plenty of challenges that come with owning your own business. For many people, though, the rewards of running a business far outweigh the difficulties.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, running a business can prove exciting for many different reasons. If you are looking for a flexible lifestyle, are eager to innovate, or want more control over your work and earning potential, here are just a few of the best benefits.

Independence and Control

Have you ever worked a job in which you felt you could do better if you had control over how the work was managed?

When you build your own business, you do what you want, how you want, when you want. You develop a service to the level you think is best. You have systems and routines that work for you. Most people start a business because they are ready to be their own boss.

Financial Rewards

Granted, statistics on business success can seem grim. Roughly, only 50% of businesses survive to five years. Depending on your goals, opening a business might be a better financial option than working for an employer.

For one, with a business, you're more likely to earn what you're worth, especially if you're a woman or minority owned business. As a business owner, you can set prices and grow your salary as your business grows. You can also benefit from the tax advantages offered to businesses and you could end up making more than you would in a job.


Running a business can work well for many different lifestyles. For women, especially, owning your own business can give the lifestyle flexibility necessary to raise a family and still have a successful career.

Millennials and Generation Z workers are known to look for flexibility in their workplaces, therefore, running a business can work well for many of them.

Likewise, people who are close to retirement or already retired may find owning their own business gives them the chance to keep their hands busy while not demanding the same rigid schedule of a demanding job.

Directly Helping People

Many small business owners launch their own businesses to make a positive impact in their local communities, their church, or family. This can happen through the services they provide or through the local causes they support. Starting your own business is a great way to provide jobs for many in the local community. A franchise opportunity like Executive Image Building Services can provide opportunities to employ others.

Freedom to Try New Things

Often, the most powerful new ideas come from small business owners who venture out on their own when they cannot get traction for their ideas in their current workplace. If your current boss is not interested in your feedback and suggestions, it may be a sign that you should consider joining an established system like Executive Image.

Items to Consider

Despite the many benefits of running your own business, it is not right for everyone. Being your own boss comes with some risks:
• Financial risk: Consider the size of your investments
• Personal liability: Form a business entity
• Time commitment: Understand your time commitment
• Stress: Starting a new business can be hard and stressful

Decision Time

• Owning your own business brings some great benefits, and many entrepreneurs are satisfied with their decision.
• The most common reason people launch their own business is to be their own boss.
• Other benefits include flexibility, financial rewards, the opportunity to innovate, and a chance to impact your community.

By Ray Jackson
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
How to Best Set Goals for Starting a Business

Setting goals in your small business is an important step in your business growth and development. Without goals, it is difficult to move forward or make progress. It is common to experience fear-of-failure and frustration. Setting goals and working toward them on a regular basis can help you keep your passion alive.

The goals you aspire to will depend on a number of factors, and it's important to remember that setting goals doesn't necessarily mean growing top line revenue; there are many different types of business goals you can set.

Below are four common business goals that may inspire you to take a new direction the next time you sit down for a goal setting session.

Write a Business Plan

You can't successfully start a new business without setting goals, so if you're just starting on your entrepreneurial journey, you probably have a number of business goals on your list, with writing a business plan certainly being one of them. Business planning does not have to be a painful process. An established franchise system like Executive Image Building Services has experience helping new business owners set meaningful business goals.

Improving Profitability

It is safe to say that most small business owners focus on increasing their annual profits. Improving a business’s bottom-line profits usually requires various approaches such as raising rates, increasing the number of customers serviced, and reducing expenses.

Becoming More Productive

Many small business owners struggle with finding enough time to get everything done. This is a common challenge for small business owners who wear multiple hats and are always looking for good employees to take on responsibility. You may feel like you are constantly being pulled in different directions, or that business administrative tasks are eating up all of your time. If this sounds familiar, then a productivity goal may be the right one for you.

Areas that small business owners often improve their efficiency:
• Time management
• Delegating tasks
• Using technology to lower costs
• Training to learn new skills

Use Technology to Do More

Some industries require that you successfully use technology. There are new tools being developed every day that can help you do even more in your business. In a successful service business like Executive Image Building Services, time keeping for employees is a critical use of technology. Ensuring that employees spend an adequate amount of time providing service is critical in keeping customers satisfied.

By Ray Jackson
Executive Image Building Services
Executive Image Building Services
The Benefits of a Clean Warehouse

Increased productivity

Maintaining an organized working environment will make it easier for your staff to find the equipment and supplies they need, directly increasing productivity. It will also indirectly boost staff productivity — if your employees know you dedicate both time and resources to making sure their working environment is clean, safe, and efficient, they are more likely to take pride in their work.

Comply with Health and Safety regulations
As a warehouse manager, it is particularly important that you maintain a clean and tidy working environment to comply with health and safety regulations. Failing to comply with this health and safety legislation can not only put your employees in danger but can also lead to your business failing a check from a health and safety inspector.

In short, maintaining a clean and organized warehouse or factory will lead to increased productivity and higher staff morale, as well as ensure that your business complies with all the current health and safety criteria. On the other hand, a dirty and messy premises will not only prevent your staff from working at maximum capacity, but will also send a bad message to your employees and any visitors to your site about the kind of business you run.

Creating a warehouse cleaning plan

The type of work you perform on your business premises will affect how often it needs to be cleaned, regardless of the type of business you operate, you should perform two kinds of cleaning routines: deep and regular cleaning.

Deep cleaning

Over time, the floor of your warehouse is going to get dirty and your equipment is going to build up with dust and grime; both of which can seriously affect productivity. Your warehouse needs to be deeply cleaned before it reaches this point. How long this will take depends on what kind of work you perform and may be different for each section of your premises.

When you deep clean your warehouse or factory, you should set aside several hours to use heavy-duty cleaning equipment and appropriate supplies on every surface and piece of equipment.

Deep warehouse or factory cleaning checklist:
• Schedule a regular date for a deep clean of your warehouse or factory.
• Designate each employee an area that they are responsible for to give a thorough clean, from top to bottom.
• Provide each employee with the equipment and supplies they need to deeply clean everything within the area they have been assigned to clean.
• Give each employee adequate time to clean all the equipment within their area to the required standard.

Regular daily cleaning:

How often routine daily cleaning should be performed and what it should entail depends on several factors:
• What kind of work do you perform in your factory or warehouse? Do you use machines that create a lot of mess, dust, and debris?
• How often do your clients and suppliers visit your site? A messy work environment does not reflect well on your business and may have an impact on whether they want to continue working with you.
• Do you use equipment that requires a sterile environment to perform at its best? If so, your regular cleaning routine will need to be more intensive to maintain these levels of cleanliness.

Just like your intensive cleaning routine, your regular maintenance should be planned whenever needed. As a rule of thumb, each workstation should be left ready for the next person to come in and use straight away. Your staff should therefore be allotted adequate time at the end of each shift to clean and tidy their work station or the machine they were using so the next employee who needs to use it can start work without any delays.

If you have any equipment that is used infrequently, it should be given a quick clean every few weeks to prevent dust from building up and potentially affecting its performance. Employees should also be instructed to clean up any spills, debris, or trash as they occur to prevent them from causing a health and safety hazard or obstructing walkways.

Regular warehouse or cleaning checklist

*Provide employees with 5 minutes at the end of each shift to get their workspace clean and tidy so the next person can come in a use it straight away.
*Provide employees with the equipment and supplies they need to clean up any spills and messes as they happen and encourage them to be proactive in cleaning any mess in the workplace.

Invest in the right factory or warehouse cleaning equipment
If you are committed to maintaining a clean and tidy factory or warehouse, it’s crucial that you provide your employees with all of the equipment they need to perform their cleaning duties thoroughly and efficiently.

Each member of your staff should be provided with basic cleaning tools so they have the equipment they need to perform their regular cleaning routine. If each of your employees has access to a cloth, a dustpan and brush, and paper towels, they are more likely to clean up any spills or dirt as it appears. This will not only make your warehouse a safer environment for staff but will also give them more pride in their work environment.

You should also make sure there are waste and recycling bins at each workstation. This will encourage your staff to dispose of waste immediately, rather than leaving it to build up and become an issue. You should also set up a rota for emptying the bins to avoid overflow and become a hazard themselves.

You should also invest in cleaning equipment that will help make regular cleaning routines as efficient as possible. For example, if you own a warehouse and use material handling equipment each day, you can invest in an attachment for your forklifts that will allow you to efficiently tidy your premises floor using the equipment that is already in use. It is crucial to make cleaning your warehouse as easy as possible for your staff as it is unlikely to get done if it is complicated or inconvenient. Investing in this kind of equipment will therefore help ensure it gets done.

It is also crucial that you provide your staff with the equipment needed to perform a deep clean of their designated area when the time comes. For example, if you have a facility that quickly builds up dirt due to heavy use, you may want to invest in a dedicated floor scrubber to save hours compared to manually cleaning the floor. Buying this equipment outright will save you money in the long run on rental costs and will also allow you to customize the equipment to your specific cleaning needs.

Your staff will also need access to any specific cleaning supplies needed to perform the deep clean. For example, any chemicals or specific cleaning equipment that they need to clean special equipment.

Struggling to keep up?

Of course, all the above is great advice, however, as everyone is aware, the world we live in isn’t always perfect and even the best companies and teams fall behind due to everyday work commitments and overruns. Hiring a commercial cleaning company like Executive Image provides an option so that the warehouse manager can keep on top of their cleaning needs. By using an experienced, professional cleaning company, the responsibility and delivery of cleaning can free your staff up during those busy periods to focus on the important day-to-day operations. A high-quality commercial cleaning service like Executive Image can be an effective solution. Executive Image can provide helpful advice for the best cleaning options that will fit with your business and your budget.

By: Ray Jackson