Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Executive Image Building Services.

General Questions

What does Executive Image Building Services do?

Executive Image is a franchise business that specializes in providing high quality building maintenance services for commercial customers, such as commercial cleaning, window washing, carpet care, floor care, landscaping, and other needed services. It is franchise system that assists others in successfully owning and operating their own businesses.

Is this a business that I can operate from my home?

The Executive Image franchise can be operated from your home or office, it is your choice.

Can I operate this business part-time?

Yes, the Executive Image business can be started as a part-time or full time business. Many owners start on a part-time basis then later change to a full-time business as both their income and number of customers grows. Others plan to start out with employees performing all of the work and manage the business as an enterprise.

What type of customers will I have in my area?

Our customers are diverse and can be larger facilities like office complexes to small facilities like your local dental office or auto dealership.

Is licensing required?

In most cases no, in some situations, municipalities may require a business license.

Am I a good fit to own and operate an Executive Image business?

Our owners come from a variety of backgrounds, education, and experience. The most important characteristics we believe are honesty, integrity, and a desire to grow professionally.

Does Executive Image have real experience operating a business?

Yes, we do what we teach; our executive management team combined has 45 years of experience in the industry.

Is business networking part of developing new customers?

We always include networking and sharing of best practices with our staff, vendors, and customers. The more people you know always helps in growing a business.

Is this a business to business or B2B type of system?

In almost all cases yes, but you have the option of performing residential cleaning and landscaping services.

Who is the leader of Executive Image?

Our C.E.O. is Blake Clements, Blake is an industry leader and has years of experience working in the areas franchise ownership, customer development, and franchise support. Our staff is dedicated to providing ongoing support to our franchise owners.

I am a contractor; can I offer additional services to my customers?

Yes, if you are qualified, we can approve you to provide additional services to your customers, such as handyman services.

Investment Questions

What are the initial franchise fee and royalty fees?

  • Initial Franchise Fee = $20,000
  • Service Fee (Royalties) = 10% of Gross Sales
  • Marketing = 3% of Gross Sales

The above amounts do not include the initial investment required to start your business. Please refer to the Executive Image Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for more in-depth information on the total investment.

Is there a need or market for Executive Image Business Services?

The building services industry is enormous, it is estimated that over 70 billion dollars a year is spent on building services each year in the United States. Most all commercial buildings need cleaning and maintenance to maintain their appearance and value.

Will I need employees?

It is up to you. Some people enjoy working the business for themselves or with maybe a few friends or family members. Many others build the business as an enterprise employing managers and sales staff.

Is this a business that I can sell or transfer to a family member?

Yes, you can sell your business to a family member or someone else that meets our minimum qualifications.

What are the hours to operate an Executive Image business?

Most of our services are performed in the evenings and weekends, in some cases we provide services during the daytime. Our customer’s needs vary greatly from one type of customer to another.

Where do I find customers for my business?

We will provide you with initial marketing assistance. We may be able to provide you with ongoing set of customers in certain markets. We have a marketing system to help you identify customers, communicate with prospects, and secure service contracts for services like cleaning and landscaping.

Can my family work in the business?

Your family support is very important and your families’ involvement provides an excellent foundation to build your business.

Are there discounts for being a veteran of the military?

We want to thank all of those that have served by offering a ten percent discount off our franchise fee.

Am I required to have my own insurance?

Yes, all Executive Image owners have adequate insurance and bonding.

Are there national accounts that I can service?

We always look for ways to provide service to national companies, many factors go into those decisions, including location, price, and the service expectations. There may be opportunities in your area.

Who does the invoicing?

Our corporate office provides all of the invoicing and collections as part of our service.

Is licensing required?

In most cases no, in some situations, municipalities may require a business license.

Can I operate my business as a sole proprietorship?

Within sixty days of starting your business, all of our owners must form a legal business entity whether it is a LLC or another type of corporation. We will assist you in this process.

Are there guarantees of income and number of customers?

There is no guarantee in anything; together we can discuss your background, goals, and financial needs to determine if this is a good business for you.

Franchise Ownership Questions

What marketing support will I receive?

Marketing is a big part of the service we provide, we share proven strategies which include face to face meetings with local business owners, our company website provides credibility with customers, our best marketing is the great customer services that our owners provide on a daily basis.

Can I receive financial help in starting my own business?

We want to encourage everyone that is qualified to seek assistance from us, family, friends, and financial institutions. We can provide financing for the franchisee fee for qualified individuals and families.

What operations support will I receive?

Executive Image provides systems for all areas of operating your business; we train you in the day to day operations as well as sales functions in estimating, preparing and presenting customer proposals, to hiring, managing personnel, and administration. We provide local training that is both hands on, classroom, and ongoing coaching.

Do I perform all services or do I outsource work?

Most of our work we self-perform, there are times when other professionals are used because of cost savings, time constraints, or when special equipment is needed. All outside contractors must meet our minimum standards.

Will Executive Image help my with my business plan?

If you like, we can provide you a sample blank template; everyone needs to perform their own due diligence and research before making a decision to invest.

Can I have partners in my business?

Yes, you can have business partners; all partners must complete our approval and application process.

Is there national advertising?

All owners contribute to a national advertising fund. These funds are used for the benefit of the system and will include promotional materials and brand development.

How long does it really take to learn the business?

We train on many areas of personnel, operations, marketing, and administration; with time and experience you can become proficient with these aspects of operating a business.

Do I get to choose the geographical area that I provide services?

You will have a large territory; you choose where and how many customers you service.

I have no business experience, can I learn this business?

We can mutually make that decision; usually a short 20 minute conversation is all that is needed. Our franchise model business can be operated by people from a variety of life experiences.

Will I be trained on how to perform floor care?

Yes, we offer full training on the best methods on how to maintain carpets and hard floor surfaces.